success stories: how
eating reset worked for me

Alyse, I have to gush.

I have always had ups and downs with my weight—I lost about 50 lbs on a fairly good program about 4 years ago, but it was VERY restrictive. And then I had a wild year last year, and gained about 25 lbs back. I knew I wanted to lose that extra weight but I didn't want to go back on that diet for two reasons: it was restrictive, and it seemed to be telling ME how I should look and eat. I didn’t know what to do.

The truth is, I signed up for Eating Reset on June 10 because I was getting desperate.

Four weeks into it, I don’t know what to say. Eating Reset has been like magic for me. I have lost 12 pounds and it has been EFFORTLESS. I have never watched weight drop off without any struggle OR up and down weight fluctuations before. EVER.  I have the sense my body is relieved to let it go!  Weight loss has never been this easy for me. (And I couldn't be happier either! I just enjoyed the most DELICIOUS chicken in mole sauce!!! I've never had Mole sauce before!!  :)

I feel like I just got about half of my brain back to use for other things besides restricting my intake and fretting about what to do about my weight. Now when I go to select a meal, I feel like I'm going with a friend, myself, who is going to be excited to get me just what I want for lunch, and who has absolutely no reason to eat beyond hunger. And if I do, I'm nice to myself.

The program is amazing and full of heart. It’s different than anything else out there because it doesn’t focus on the food itself!

You have created something truly radical and that can help ANYONE who is struggling with their weight, especially if they have a history of going on and off diets.

I’m just at my halfway mark but I know the rest is going to melt away just as easily…. I will keep you posted.

Thank you again…you have changed my life!!!

Sarah M.

PS. I would like to support your work... I've attached a "before" and a "during" picture. It is starting to drop off quickly, and I can feel my metabolism changing.... more results are pending :)

Before Photo


After Photo

4 weeks later...


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  • How soon can I expect to see results?

    Because every person has a different history with dieting and restricting themselves, the length of time it takes to see results will vary. But I PROMISE that once you apply what I teach you, your results will truly last a lifetime. This isn’t some fad diet. It’s an easy-to-maintain way of living that honors your body’s natural cues for hunger, satisfaction, and fullness.

  • Nothing else has worked. Why should this?

    Because other weight loss programs still abide by "conventional wisdom" that diet rules and exercise will help you lose weight. And they will … until you stop. Then you’re right back on the yo-yo! The (scientifically proven) fact is that restrictive diets are not sustainable for life. My program is different because it focuses on changing behaviors, not on restricting you.

  • Is the Eating Reset plan hard to follow?

    Not at all. Part of what has made this program so successful is how easy it is to begin and stick with. You won’t get a long list of rules and restrictions. Instead, you’ll learn a whole new approach to eating that will fit with your lifestyle.

  • Do I need to purchase any supplements for this diet to work?

    Nope. This is not some diet gimmick! No pills or snake oil needed. The information and support you will get from this program will be all that you need.

  • So you say this program allows you total freedom to eat whatever you want. What's the catch?

    When you give yourself unconditional permission to eat all kinds of foods (yep, that includes pizza, burgers, cakes, and ice cream), they’re no longer “forbidden fruit.” So you’ll actually start craving them less (sooner than you’d imagine!) and effortlessly glide into the ideal diet for you. Unlike most other diet programs, Eating Reset teaches you to focus less on what and how much you eat so you can concentrate on what really matters when it comes to weight loss: why and how you are eating. You’ll learn everything you need to truly satisfy your cravings in a way that will actually help you lose weight.

  • I don't have time for another diet. How can I fit this into my busy life?

    Let me ask you a question. How much time do you spend thinking about food? Exercise? Diets require you to spend hours planning and preparing restrictive meals and fitting in grueling workouts. How much time would you have for other activities (that you actually enjoy!) if you could stop worrying about what you eat?

  • How can I possibly lose weight without exercise?

    The exercise programs included in most diets just make you hungrier. Exercise is important for keeping your body healthy, but it doesn’t help you lose weight – in fact, it often causes weight gain. Although there are good reasons to move your body for general health reasons, exercising is a poor strategy for weight loss.

  • If I am struggling with an eating disorder, can this program help me?

    While Eating Reset is very effective at helping someone who is struggling with an unhealthy relationship with food (or who has disordered eating), it is not meant for those diagnosed with an eating disorder. This program is designed for people who have struggled with their weight for years, perhaps even obsessively, or who have been in a cycle of yo-yo dieting. So if you’re dealing with an acute eating disorder (including Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder or Diabulimia), first: my heart goes out to you. Second: know that you are not alone—and your doctor, an eating disorder therapist and a registered dietitian can absolutely help you develop a treatment plan.

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