ready for the SIMPLE TRUTH?

It's not you. It's the diet.

It's time to stop blaming yourself for the failed diets, abandoned exercise plans, and weight fluctuations. YOU are not failing at dieting. Your diets are failing YOU!

Virtually every mainstream diet and weight loss plan has the same problem: they simply can't give you lasting results.

No matter how "reasonable" or "healthy" the diet is:

  • Diets leave you feeling restricted and deprived.
  • Diets require you to spend hours of your busy week planning and preparing.
  • The "rules" in diets drown out the voice of what your body truly wants.
  • The exercise programs included in most diets just make you hungrier.
  • After years of restrictive dieting, it becomes more and more difficult to lose weight.

Be honest.

  • You feel like a "diet failure" — you've tried tons of different diets, cleanses, programs, and crazy restrictive rules, but nothing seems to stick.
  • You've got lists of good and bad foods, and constantly analyze, restrict, or reduce what you eat.
  • You'll "be good" on your diet/program/rules for awhile, then "fall off the wagon," beat yourself up, and vow to have more willpower and "do better."
  • You exercise like a maniac (or think you should!)
  • You feel like you're doing everything right, but nothing seems to keep the weight off.
  • You think, plan, research — perhaps even obsess — about food and dieting, but you're still not maintaining your weight goals.
  • You sometimes lose weight on a diet, but it always comes back, plus more.

Diets set you up to fail before you've even begun.


Think if you just tried harder you could stick to it, lose the weight, and keep it off? Nope. This isn't because you don't have enough willpower. This is because diets don't work.

Think it's just that you can't "get it together?" You are SO not alone! Scientific studies from dozens of respected institutions have shown that dieting is a totally ineffectual solution for long-term weight loss.

A recent study published in the International Journal of Obesity showed that over the long run, dieting is linked to weight gain. And: the more one dieted, the greater the weight gain!

It's not your lack of willpower that is at fault. It's the diets that are the problem. I want to show you the SANE secret to permanent weight loss — no diets, no gimmicks, no schtick — so you can get off this crazy train once and for all!


Since making this breakthrough, I've appeared as an expert nutritionist on Good Morning America, Discovery Health, and The Doctors. I've also been featured in numerous media outlets including USA Today,, Marie Claire,, Weight Watchers Magazine, Life & Style, Maxim, Shape, Health, Self, Fitness, and Women's Running ... among many others.

I've also lectured and consulted at major organizations nationwide about how to stop the diet insanity, once and for all.

My #1 credential: I have successfully helped hundreds of people just like you permanently end their struggle with weight. I have seen my clients' lives transformed with my program.


nationally recognized nutritionist, and I've spent my entire career helping people just like you lose weight and keep it off.

There are so many "weight loss programs" out there. I know it's hard to tell what's real, what's a fad, and what's plain dangerous.

Chances are, you've tried lots of these plans. Maybe they've even worked for you ... for awhile. But if you're reading this, I'm guessing you're still looking for THE healthy, sustainable solution that will help you lose the weight, keep it off, and feel great — for life.

Why should you listen to me?
I'm a nationally recognized Registered Dietitian with a top-ranked private practice in Los Angeles. I hold degrees from some of the best nutrition programs in the country. Most importantly, I've helped hundreds of clients lose weight and keep it off -- forever ditching their diet mindsets and ending their weight loss battle.

How? A unique weight loss program. It's not a diet. It's a shift in how you relate to food.

Alyse on Good Morning America

The Truth? Even as a DIETITIAN, I Struggled WITH MY WEIGHT, TOO.

I turned down "bad foods" like pizza and cupcakes (when I really wanted them!)

I tried to ignore my growling stomach if it wasn't the "right time" to eat.

I forced myself to get up early everyday and dragged myself to
the gym.

I used to measure
and restrict my portions, and only eat "healthy foods."

I was often hungry, and constantly planning my next restrictive meal.

At first, I had great results (of course!) But sure enough, after months of strict diet and exercise, I got sick and tired of restricting myself. Sometimes I would "snap" and overindulge on those forbidden treats - like cupcakes and pizza. Sometimes I would feel tired (or rebellious!) and miss a day at the gym. Before I knew it, I was skipping more days, then weeks, then months. As a result, I would beat myself up for it, vow to "do better," and start all over again.

I repeated this cycle over and over. It drove me nuts! Plus, over time, I ended up gaining more weight than I ever lost! Worst of all? It felt like it was all for nothing. I wasn't losing weight, I was driving myself crazy ... and I blamed myself for failing diet after diet.

Back then, I was just starting my career in nutrition. Of course, I counseled my clients with the same "standard" rules and restrictions I was struggling to follow. I told them:

  • Eat "good foods" like lean protein, fresh fruit, and veggies.
  • Eat smaller portions more often to keep your metabolism "going."
  • Exercise as often as you can.

After all: this was what I had learned in school. And this was what every expert at the time said was the best way to lose weight.

But guess what?

My clients all had the exact same problems I did. The diets would work for awhile ... but then my clients would "cheat" or "fail" ... they'd eventually put on even more weight, and make themselves crazy along the way.

Why?? The reason is SO simple.

The conventional wisdom was wrong!


I Knew There Had to be a Way to Break Free from the Crazy Diet Cycle —
and to Lose Weight for Good.

The "conventional wisdom," when you think about it, sounds CRAZY! Does obsessing over diets and rules sound healthy? Does constantly restricting food and forcing yourself to exercise all the time sound like the thinking person's way to live??

I was on a mission. I knew there had to be a better way. And I was going to find it.

I combed through all the studies and research on diet and weight loss I could get my hands on. I found a handful of forward thinking nutrition experts who were talking about WHY and HOW we eat (not just WHAT) as the key to losing weight and keeping it off.

It's time for a complete mindshift around diets and weight loss.

simple. proven. sane.


The Results Are In: Most Diets and Weight Loss Programs are Completely Ineffective.

According to the research (and my own experience as a professional dietitian and former dieter), diet rules set you up for failure. Restrictions = Diet Disasters. Here are some of the most common restrictions in diets and weight loss programs:

Food Restrictions: When you think "diet," you think restricting (or eliminating) certain foods, right? Here's the real deal: when certain foods are "off limits," the restriction massively increases your desire for them! This catapults you into a vicious cycle of deprivation, "cheating," and overeating that completely sabotages your efforts.


  • Weight Watchers
  • Biggest Loser Diet
  • Volumetrics
  • Atkins
  • Slim-Fast
  • Paleo Diet
  • Jillian Michaels
  • Medifast
  • Nutrisystem
  • Jenny Craig
  • Zone Diet
  • South Beach Diet

Time Constraints: Many diets dictate that you eat a certain number of meals per day (3 squares! 6 snacks!). Or they say, "always eat breakfast," or, "never eat after 6 p.m." etc. These restrictive rules about when to eat totally steamroll over the truth: your body has its own natural "hunger rhythm"! Forcing yourself to eat when you're not hungry — or starving yourself when it's not the "right time" to eat is NOT the answer to sustainable, healthy weight loss!

Exercise Requirements: Almost all diet programs tell you to increase your exercise level, but the fact is that for the vast majority of people exercise does NOT make you lose weight. And in fact, for some, it can actually cause weight GAIN!

These ineffective, dieting rules and restrictions suck the fun out of food (and life!) and set you up to fail. There's loads of evidence and research proving how utterly ineffective diets are. And yet: they're still pushed as the #1 way to lose weight. It's time that we stop falling for the nonsense, stop blaming ourselves, and bring some sanity to how we relate with food and weight loss!


So I ditched the diet craziness for good. I ignored ALL the food rules and restrictions. I stopped forcing myself to exercise to "burn off" what I ate. I stopped obsessing over what I ate and started getting curious about why and how I was eating.

Amazingly, it worked.

Within the first few weeks I started to notice some major changes. And after a number of months, I had lost 20 pounds!

The best part? I ate what I wanted, when I wanted. No more swearing off foods I loved. No more feeling deprived, then "cheating" and feeling like a failure. No more dreaded early mornings on the treadmill or elliptical.

I lost weight and kept it off. I had tons more energy than when I was dieting. I sailed through my days without wanting to collapse (or binge) by the end.

I felt completely liberated! Was this some secret of the ages that I'd stumbled across?? Nope. This wasn't a gimmick or fad.

It turned out the secret wasn't in the diet or the exercise. It wasn't about counting calories or cutting out carbs or Paleo or primal or raw vegan or Crossfit — or any of that. This is the simple, effective, SANE truth that will set you free.

The REAL way to lose weight and keep it off emphasizes something that almost every major weight loss program ignores completely.



In its most simplistic form, I learned how to identify when my body was actually hungry, eat whatever was going to satisfy it, and stop when I was comfortably full.

99% of weight loss programs completely ignore this crucial practice. Most of them even teach you to ignore your body's hunger and cravings, focusing on the "right" foods and "right" times/ways to eat. (Psssst ... that's why almost none of these popular diets work long-term!)

I'm not talking about a quick fix or magic pill, here. It takes some work to learn how to eat this way — and "deprogram" your current habits. You need to acquire some skills and tools (and un-brainwash yourself!). Especially if you've been practicing a "diet mindset" for years, this can take some time.

Here's the real deal: if you want to finally lose the weight, keep it off, and never worry about dieting ever, ever again -- this breakthrough program is for you.


This is NOT another fad or gimmick.

This is a permanent weight loss solution that will forever transform how you think about eating.

For the past five years, since implementing this approach, I have remained 20 pounds lighter than I was when I was dieting. During this time, I have had two children and built a busy, thriving practice. But this isn't another "it worked for me; it will work for you" diet. I have taught hundreds of my clients this approach, and they have achieved the same success that I have, regardless of their weight and dieting history.


Now, it's your turn. Ready?

I've taken the very best of my strategies, tactics, advice, research, and real world counseling experience and created an online version of my highly effective approach to sustainable weight loss: Eating Reset.

This comprehensive virtual program teaches you everything you need to change your behaviors, lose the weight, and keep it off, for good.

No gimmicks. No snake oil. Absolutely zero: food restrictions, supplements, pills, portion control, or exercise required. Seriously.

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Eating Reset is a comprehensive, four week
multimedia program that teaches you how to ditch the diets
and achieve healthy, sustainable weight loss... for life.



Learn how to Lose Weight for Good, Without Dieting or Gimmicks

Eating Reset is a four-week program that will change the way you think about dieting, food, and exercise. You'll learn the real secret to permanent weight loss — and all the skills and tools you'll need to implement it.

This smart, elegant approach incorporates methods developed by leading experts in nutrition and the most up-to-date research on how to lose weight for life.

Welcome to the thinking person's way to eat.

This program provides a complete curriculum to help you PUSH RESET on your relationship with food. You'll finally understand WHY, HOW, and WHAT you eat. You'll enjoy natural, life-long weight loss without starving yourself, without obsessing over food ... and along the way, you'll liberate yourself from dieting. Forever.

Ditch the "ENDLESS ON-A-DIET, OFF-A-DIET, BACK-ON-A-DIET CYCLE." You really can do this. I'll show you how.

With more than 25 videos, a full-access pass to the Eating Reset community, and all the multimedia support tools you need to succeed, this is a radically different approach to weight loss.

Each week, for four weeks, you'll automatically receive the videos right in your inbox. Watch them from the comfort of your own home — or on any of your devices. Watch them at your own pace, at the time that works best for you.

Eating Reset: the payoff is massive.

Welcome to a completely new way to relate to eating. In this easy-to-follow, four-week program, you can expect to:

  • Enjoy more energy, less stress, and effortless, sustainable weight loss.
  • Get a "clean slate" about how you relate to food. No more crazy-making "do's, don'ts, and should's!"
  • Learn to recognize your body's natural signals for hunger, satisfaction, and fullness.
  • Be more present while you eat, so you actually enjoy all of your food.
  • Ditch the "diet mindset" once and for all — so you don't have to drive yourself crazy with rules and restrictions, ever again!
  • Learn to trust the #1 highest authority on what you should eat: your body.
  • Enjoy all of your "cheat" foods, whenever you want — while losing weight and keeping it off.
  • Master the ONLY sustainable solution for long-term weight loss.

Sound too good to be true? Let's look a little deeper ...



What can you expect from Eating Reset? On a fundamental level, you will learn how to give your body what it needs. Without restriction. Without guilt. Without deprivation, "cheating," and over-indulging. Along the way, your relationship with food will completely change. The result? Natural, healthy weight loss — that lasts a lifetime. You will finally free yourself from the crazy-making diet mindset — and all the restrictions and feelings of failure it brings.

Welcome to the simple, sane, effective way to achieve a healthy weight — for life.

WEEK 1: Push Reset. Understanding your hunger.


Drop the Diet; Drop the Pounds

  • Learn why 99% of diets fail over the long-run.
  • Discover the single, simple shift you can make to guarantee this is the last weight loss program you purchase, ever. (Hint: it's NOT about willpower!)
  • Find out what's really driving your eating habits — and how to PUSH RESET on your unwanted behaviors and finally feel in control.
  • Understand the secret key to permanent weight loss: why giving yourself total freedom to eat whatever you want is the only REAL way to lose weight.

Are you Really Hungry?

  • Learn to hear your body's signals for hunger, satisfaction, and fullness.
  • Discern between true physical hunger and other motivators driving you to eat.
  • Discover how timing impacts what and how much you eat — and how to use it in your favor.
  • On the run: learn how to respond to your hunger and cravings when you're out in the real world.
  • Understand WHY you are eating: explore the emotions, habits, and senses driving you to eat.

WEEK 2: satisfaction - the key to keeping the pounds off

  • Uncover a deeper understanding of HOW to eat—the Eating Reset way
  • Master the must-have skills to help you choose the foods you really want, enjoy them, and still lose weight.
  • Learn my favorite, easy ways to make food the main event of your meals.
  • Dining out is NOT a dealbreaker! Learn how to enjoy meals away from home so you never leave a restaurant or party feeling over-stuffed (or deprived and hungry) ever, ever again.
  • Make your work work for you. Discover simple ways to make your work environment support your weight loss efforts.

WEEK 3: give your body what it needs

  • Boost satisfaction while trimming your waistline: learn why eating a variety of foods is crucial for reaching your long-term weight loss goals.
  • Stress-free eats: A step-by-step approach to introducing pizza, french fries, ice cream, and the rest back into your diet. Without going nuts OR feeling deprived.
  • Learn about the important role fluids play in your diet.
  • Discover how embracing carbohydrates can help you lose weight in the long run. (Yes, you read that right!)

WEEK 4: more energy, less stress

  • Stop dragging and start sailing! Improve your energy levels, the Eating Reset way.
  • Switch off stress: Uncover the secret to finding your center on a daily basis.
  • Discover the hidden connection between your eating and how you spend your time during the day.
  • The 3 keys to balance - the simple, elegant ways to get it back into your life.

Order Today: Get Access to the Entire Eating Reset Video Tutorial Series. Plus support from Alyse, an All-Access Pass to the Community, an Interactive Workbook, A Recipe Book, Multimedia Tools, and More!

Here's what else comes in the Program


Interactive Workbook

Practice your new behaviors through interactive challenges that show you how to make real-life changes in a a simple, stress-free way.









Get an all-access pass to our safe, private online space where you can connect with other Eating Reset participants. Share your experiences, get support, and get answers to your questions — in real time. Plus, Alyse will be there every step of the way with expert guidance, support, and troubleshooting. That's right! Alyse is an active participant in the forums, ready to address any questions or concerns you might have.




Forums to
with other



Alyse will
all your



The Recipes

No, you don't need to follow any restrictive program to follow this approach. These are simply some of my favorite recipes that I'm happy to share with you! You'll find delicious, wholesome meals — nothing complicated, nothing with a ton of ingredients — perfect for a busy schedule. You'll love 'em!








Bonus Tools

Special downloadable audio and video clips, plus tools to help you succeed long-term.






plus special bonus videos to keep you on track



Scared? Skeptical? Think it'll work for everyone but you? I hear ya.

If you're anything like the hundreds of patients I've successfully helped with this approach, you've got some combo of 3 big doubts right now:

1. "If I just eat whatever I want, I'll go nuts!! It'll be all lasagna and ice cream and chocolate-covered french fries from here to eternity!"

Most people think they "can't be trusted" to eat what they want. But making certain foods "forbidden" only makes you want them more! With my approach, you'll get in touch with what your body is truly hungry for ... and effortlessly ease into the ideal diet for you. Without feeling deprived or crazy.

Look: we all know that a whole foods diet, full of lean protein and fresh fruit and veggies is best. So why aren't you always eating that way? You don't need another set of rules and restrictions. You need a completely new way to relate to your body and how you eat. So you can ditch the diets and drop the pounds ... for life.

Right now, you don't trust your body to crave a balanced intake if given free reign…but you will learn how to build that trust by learning the skills and techniques I teach in my program!

2. "I can't tell when I'm hungry (until I'm starving) or when I'm full (until I'm stuffed). I won't know when to eat and when to stop. How could this program ever work for me?"

Well of course you have a hard time with this! If you've dieted for years, you're used to having external rules about what, when, where, and how much to eat — so you've lost touch with your body's natural hunger signals.

You can learn how to do this. And I can show you how. Learning to register your body's signals of hunger and fullness are two of the first, fundamental skills I'll teach you. And once you learn these signals, you've begun your journey of getting back in tune with your body ... so you can trust yourself around food again and feel better than ever.

3. "I can't lose weight without exercising daily! I have to rev up my metabolism and create a calorie deficit to lose weight — it's the only way that's ever worked for me."

I teach my clients a systematic approach to lose the weight WITHOUT needing to exercise for the calorie burn. You'll learn why burning calories through exercise is NOT at all necessary for weight loss.



Success Stories
How Eating Reset Worked for me



Not only have I lost weight, more importantly, I have a much healthier, sane relationship with food. Where I used to gorge at every meal and feel guilty for it after - I no longer have such self-destructive food habits. I have a much healthier relationship with food now and enjoy my meals so much more.

- Natasha L.

Alyse's program is innovative, simple and empowering, and no review will adequately capture or convey how effective she can be at helping you meet your weight loss or food-related goals. As soon as I made a few adjustments to the way I was eating, the weight started to come off.

- Josh W.

I used to do 5 spin classes a week and still not lose pounds... I recommend [this] to anyone looking to make a positive difference in their life and get off the "diet wagon" for once and all.

- Rachelle W.

For the first time in my life, I finally have control over food. You can spend years doing crash diets and workout fads but she will help you change your life in a way that you can maintain a healthy, beautiful body weight.

- Mariah O.

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How Much Does it Cost?

Let me be clear: There are no “too-good-to-be true” gimmicks and promises here. Instead, this program is about getting REAL RESULTS FOR THE LONG RUN.

This smart, elegant approach incorporates methods developed by leading experts in nutrition and the most up-to-date research on how to lose weight for life.



  • Tens or hundreds of dollars a month on protein shakes
  • Diet programs like Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers cost around $20 per month just to be a member (plus enrollment fees and ongoing cost of food)
  • $150 or more on DVD exercise "systems"
  • Upwards of $1,000 on home gym equipment
  • $100 on average per month for gym memberships (plus enrollment fees and other hidden costs)
  • Thousands of dollars for on-going personal training

There will always be some protein shake, exercise DVD, fad cleanse or new Diet Guru to lure you in with empty promises that you'll finally lose weight and keep it off. But the simple fact is they don't work for the long run!


This will be the last weight loss program you will ever need.


  • Ditch the diets
  • Transform your relationship with food
  • Lose the weight, and, most importantly, keep it off for a lifetime!

Again, this is not another diet. All of the strategies I teach in this program are backed by extensive research, have worked for hundreds of my private clients - and I personally use them in my own life. Once you learn the techniques and get the hang of it, the weight will come off - effortlessly.

To get the same advice, strategies, and tools that I provide in this program, my private clients spend a minimum of $2,000 over the course of several months. The investment I am asking you to make today for yourself pales in comparison - for a lifetime of diet-free weight loss. How much is that worth?


Deciding to never diet again is one of the best decisions you will ever make. Free yourself from food restriction, calorie counting, and diet planning - think of all the extra free time you will have, not to mention savings! How much have you spent on diet programs thus far with no lasting results to show for it?

  • Set Of Five Video Modules (26 Videos)
  • Interactive Workbooks
  • Eating Reset Recipe Book
  • Community Access - I will be there for you every step of the way, and so will an entire community of Eating Reset participants just like you! This program will give you the support you need to maintain your commitment to losing weight for good.
  • Eating Reset Downloadable Tools
  • UNLIMITED ACCESS to the content — so you can revisit the videos and tools as often as you like!
  • Click the Add to Cart button below to see our flexible payment options!


I am confident that once you try Eating Reset, you’ll realize it’s completely unlike any other diet or exercise plan you’ve ever invested in — and the only way to lose weight and keep it off, for life.

That's why I am offering you a 30-day, 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you fully participate in the program, and still feel that it doesn’t deliver, simply send me an e-mail and I will give you a full refund.




  • How much weight can I expect to lose while following this program?

    When you follow the Eating Reset program, you will achieve your body’s natural “set point” weight.  This is your own natural, healthy weight, based on your unique body type, frame and metabolism.  It’s where you are likely intended to be, physiologically.  Not everyone knows what that weight is, but it’s always a realistic and healthy weight, given your genetics and weight history. To give you a sense of what your body’s “set point” weight is, think back to a time when you were able to maintain a pretty steady weight, feel healthy and energized and stress-free — without overly restricting your food intake, exercising excessively, or thinking about food constantly.

  • Do I need to purchase any supplements for this diet to work?

    Nope. This is not some diet gimmick! No pills or snake oil needed. The information and support you will get from this program will be all that you need.

  • Is the Eating Reset plan hard to follow?

    Not at all. Part of what has made this program so successful is how easy it is to begin and stick with. You won’t get a long list of rules and restrictions. Instead, you’ll learn a whole new approach to eating that will fit with your lifestyle.

  • So you say this program allows you total freedom to eat whatever you want. What's the catch?

    When you give yourself unconditional permission to eat all kinds of foods (yep, that includes pizza, burgers, cakes, and ice cream), they’re no longer “forbidden fruit.”  So you’ll actually start craving them less (sooner than you’d imagine!) and effortlessly glide into the ideal diet for you.   Unlike most other diet programs, Eating Reset teaches you to focus less on what and how much you eat so you can concentrate on what really matters when it comes to weight loss: why and how you are eating.  You’ll learn everything you need to truly satisfy your cravings in a way that will actually help you lose weight.

  • How soon can I expect to see results?

    Because every person has a different history with dieting and restricting themselves, the length of time it takes to see results will vary. But I PROMISE that once you apply what I teach you, your results will truly last a lifetime. This isn’t some fad diet. It’s an easy-to-maintain way of living that honors your body’s natural cues for hunger, satisfaction, and fullness.

  • Nothing else has worked. Why should this?

    Because other weight loss programs still abide by "conventional wisdom" that diet rules and exercise will help you lose weight. And they will … until you stop. Then you’re right back on the yo-yo! The (scientifically proven) fact is that restrictive diets are not sustainable for life. My program is different because it focuses on changing behaviors, not on restricting you.

  • I don't have time for another diet. How can I fit this into my busy life?

    Let me ask you a question. How much time do you spend thinking about food? Exercise? Diets require you to spend hours planning and preparing restrictive meals and fitting in grueling workouts. How much time would you have for other activities (that you actually enjoy!) if you could stop worrying about what you eat?

  • How can I possibly lose weight without exercise?

    The exercise programs included in most diets just make you hungrier. Exercise is important for keeping your body healthy, but it doesn’t help you lose weight – in fact, it often causes weight gain. Although there are good reasons to move your body for general health reasons, exercising is a poor strategy for weight loss.

  • If I am struggling with an eating disorder, can this program help me?

    While Eating Reset is very effective at helping someone who is struggling with an unhealthy relationship with food (or who has disordered eating), it is not meant for those diagnosed with an eating disorder.  This program is designed for people who have struggled with their weight for years, perhaps even obsessively, or who have been in a cycle of yo-yo dieting.   So if you’re dealing with an acute eating disorder (including Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder or Diabulimia), first: my heart goes out to you.  Second: know that you are not alone—and your doctor, an eating disorder therapist and a registered dietitian can absolutely help you develop a treatment plan.

Join me now!

Choose a new path today and alter your relationship with food for the better, forever! Liberate yourself from diets and excercise you can't stand.
You can do it - the choice is yours.

To your success!

Alyse Levine MS, RD