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  1. Regarding exercise: I enjoy strength training and I read a lot about supporting your strength training efforts with pre- and post-workout snacks/meals in order to give you energy for your workout as well as to repair the muscles. But I’m often not that hungry before and/or after. What are your thoughts on following this program if you are in training?

    1. This is a very valid question. I don’t address pre/post workout snacks in the program because this is not a sports nutrition program. However, I do think that if you are really being mindful and listening to your body during and after your workouts, you will pick up on some signals. For example, if you don’t pre-fuel with anything in the few hours before a workout, you MAY feel a bit lower in energy and sluggish or weaker during the workout. Or if you consume simple refined carbohydrates too long before you workout, you may experience a drop in blood sugars as you start your workout and feel a bit lightheaded during it. Becoming aware of these connections can encourage you to eat something prior to your workouts and include some protein or fat in the meal or snack if it is not immediately before the workout.

      As for post-workouts, it is true that a lot of people don’t feel hungry right after they exercise. However, if the exercise is intense or of a very long duration, typically a few hours after the workout you begin to feel ravenous if you don’t refuel within 30 minutes or so post-workout. If this happens, you can experiment with have a meal or snack (even just some chocolate milk!) immediately post-workout to see if that affects your hunger later on.

      For more information and direction regarding your sports nutrition questions though, you would greatly benefit from reading a sports nutrition book written by a registered dietitian. You can still follow this program while training, but may need some additional (and more specific) support if you are training for a sporting event.

      1. Thanks, that makes sense. I usually don’t have a problem eating post workout (chocolate milk is great), it’s the pre-workout snack I struggle with–eat too much and I end up with stomach cramps, eat too little and I can’t lift as heavy. Still learning though,

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